About Us

“Wind extinguishes a candle and energizes fire.” ~Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile

MB Associates LLC is a coaching, consulting, and technology company using a holistic approach for building antifragile organizations and individuals through insight thinking and leveraging existing resources.

Strengthening Organizations

MB Associates LLC consulting services offer extra eyes, hands, and thinking about old and new problems, anyplace you want to increase value and eliminate waste. We help you design adaptive processes utilizing the talent of your current human capital, and with the means at hand.

We are committed to strengthening community economics through Centers for Innovation, Change and Development (CICD). This new model being developed and tested now creates opportunities for skill development and revenue generation while solving societal and business problems.

Empowering Individuals

Appia supports individuals in taking charge of and managing their careers. Through workshops and coaching on job search skills and strategies for success Appia also offers a private workspace to manage career data for résumés and career conversations.

Career Tips and Trends podcasts provide insights and tips from thought leaders on managing your career.

Energy Integration recognizes the importance to taking a wholistic approach to life and career to design a life in harmony with our core values. Energy Integration offers a powerful blend of cutting-edge technologies to promote and enhance functional balance in all areas of your life. It blends Bodywork, Energy Medicine, Movement Therapy, Nutrition, Meditation, and Spiritual Direction into a powerful systems approach to Health and Personal Mastery (SM). If the stress of the job search is taking its toll, I recommend adding an Energy Integration session to your coaching package. Clients report a significant shift in their mental focus and emotional state even after one session.